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  • Abu-Ghazaleh: ASIP Launches Famous Arab Trademarks Initiative, Establishes Association for Protecting Owners of Trademarks

    13-Sep-2012 To 13-Sep-2012

The Arab Society for Intellectual Property (ASIP) launched an exciting initiative aims at highlighting Arab trademarks worldwide.

This initiative comes as an implementation of the recent decisions concluded by ASIP’s Board of Directors based on the suggestion of HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, ASIP's president.

A special committee prepared a questionnaire that was circulated to all communication channels via an independent special website, ASIP’s website, news websites, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) as well as other various media, in order to reach as much public opinions as possible in the Arab countries (business sectors, chambers of commerce and industry, associations, professional unions, universities , and others).

Information will be collected and analyzed electronically to issue two lists: one includes the most famous Arab trademarks in general, and the second contains the most famous Arab trademarks by sector.

Mr. Moutasem Al-Dmour, ASIP executive director, said: "Voting for the famous trademarks using the questionnaire will begin in mid September until the 1st of November 2012. In addition, awards will be granted according to specific standards for those who have completed the questionnaire."

He added: "A specific minimum number of votes will be set for a trademark to be considered famous within the list, and a trademark must obtain the votes of at least five countries. The winning trademarks will be announced on the basis of the public views and as per voting electronically without any human intervention."

The questionnaire does not allow anyone to vote more than once via the same e-mail which makes it a very controllable voting process.

Meanwhile, and according to Al-Dmour, a new association for the protection of owners of famous Arab trademarks will be established.

"Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, ASIP's president, instructed during the last meeting of the Board of Directors to establish an association for the protection of owners of famous Arab trademarks. Such protection is to be achieved through developing standards for Intellectual Property valuation, particularly famous trademarks, as well as assisting owners of Arab trademarks to promote their fame internationally," he concluded.

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