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Under the Patronage of Abu-Ghazaleh: LES - AC Organizes ‘Entering New Markets for SMEs’ Workshop

AMMAN – The Licensing Executives Society (LES - AC) organized a workshop on ‘Entering New Markets for SMES’ under the patronage of HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, LES AC President and Ms. Fiona Nicolson – LESI President.

The aim of the workshop was to learn about licensing techniques, enter new markets, learn more about IP issues and enhance the participants’ research and development skills.
During the opening session, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh welcomed the attendees stressing that the definition of invention is not just to come up with something new, rather, it can be also in introducing additional innovative features to an existing invention. Our future depends on what we can innovate and make   valuable and commercially profitable, he confirmed, adding: “Every company should invest in innovation as part of its social responsibility and not to just rely on the effort of experts or scientists”.
Further he pointed out that “the only real wealth in the future is innovation, and this is why LES is very important because its main task is to support and protect innovation by developing and protecting intellectual property rights (IPRs).” 
Ms. Nicolson, LESI President, reviewed some ideas on how to best utilize Intellectual Property ways and to profit from IP. She highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of licensing, and she reviewed domestic licensing laws that need to be considered in case of external licensing; explaining the ways for successful licensing.
Meanwhile, Eng. Jamil Al-Khatib, founder of IBTECAR; an Innovation & Technology Management Company, made a speech explaining in detail the technology trends, digital transformation and SMEs investing in industry. He also presented IPRs strategies for industry, ways of benefitting from innovation and key success factors in innovation.
Additionally, Dr. Rasha Hinnawi, trainer with the Licensing Executives Society-Arab Countries, presented international trade and IP laws, explaining that intellectual property rights are legal rights granted by governments to encourage innovation and creative output by ensuring that inventors reap the benefits of their inventions or works.
 Dr. Mohammad Al-Jafari, Director, Intellectual Property Commercialization Office at the Royal Scientific Society, iPARK, made a presentation on capitalizing on technological innovations in Jordan that earn profits on an international-scale from local scientific innovations.
Eng. Razan Al-Khaza’leh, Head of Guidance and Technical Support Section at Amman Chamber of Industry discussed SMEs – universities’ collaboration for innovation, talking in detail about the target of innovation for SMEs, transformation of knowledge to money and innovation types. She also presented the data base of cooperation between universities and the industrial sector.