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ASIP's Business Development Officer

ASIP's Business Development Officer
Abdurrahman Zaidan

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop existing business and explore new business opportunities
  • Read business journals and attend seminars & workshops to be abreast of latest trends and happenings
  • Try to get more business from existing customers and also hunt for new customers.
  • Develop business proposals for new and existing customers
  • Helps ASIP’s manager in implementing any set plan
  • Preparing for any tenders ASIP get.
  • Assists with preparing the monthly bulletin in cooperation with the bulletin’s editor
  • Organizes membership files and payments, and informs members of ASIP's events

Contact Information:

Name: Abdurrahman Zaidan

Telephone:(+962) 06-5100900 Ext:1326

FAX:(+962) 06-5100901