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ASIP aims at promoting and developing Intellectual Property protection in the Arab world through the encouragement of the development and modernization of IP systems and laws and regulations that govern them. ASIP is dedicated to the building of capacity and expertise of IP professionals and practitioners, as well as enhancing awareness among the general public. The Society utilizes a number of tools to successfully achieve its objectives, such as holding education programs, conferences and seminars, research projects and studies.

ASIP works to advance the following objectives through its activities:

• Enhancing and developing the system of IP protection through various means of public awareness and education, highlighting IP and its important role in the context of globalization.

• Developing and setting up effective mechanisms to support Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) protection globally, using appropriate methods to create harmonization between regional and international laws.

• Cooperating with international organizations, such as United Nations ECOSOC and WIPO, and government offices in developing and enforcing IPRs in the Arab world in alignment with the international standards.

• Developing and raising the scientific status and importance of IP protection profession through awareness activities and continuous professional training related to international developments.

• Organizing, hosting, and monitoring IP educational courses, conferences, seminars and other events.

• Collaborating with universities and professional organizations specialized in Intellectual Property law to organize educational and professional programs on IPRs.

• Presenting, deliberating, and resolving the issues of IP in committees, conferences, and meetings at the regional and international levels.

• Publishing educational books and encouraging scientific research in the IP field.

• Providing ASIP members with a free forum to express their views, exchange experiences, and unite their efforts in helping modernize and develop IP laws and systems.

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