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Arab Certified Intellectual Property Practitioner Qualification Advisory Board Committee

The ACIPP Qualification Advisory Board Committee is in charge of developing and monitoring the progress of the ACIPP program.

Committee Members:

  • Mr. Talal Abu Ghazaleh (Chairman)
  • Dr. Heinz Goddar (Vice Chairman)
  • Ms. Samar AlLabbad (Member)
  • Mr. Danny Huntington (Member)
  • H.E. Mr. Jose Maria Figueres (Member)
  • Mr. Mohammad Hegazy (Member)
  • Honorable Sergio Marchi (Member)
  • Mr. Hamid Mamdouh (Member)
  • Dr. Ulrich Moser (Member)
  • Prof. John Small (Member)
  • Dr. Edward Gress (Member)
  • Mr. Tawfiq Tabbaa (Member)
  • Mr. Mutasem Dmour (Member)
  • Ms. Hasiba Shaban (Secretary)