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The Arab Certified Intellectual Property Practitioner Program (ACIPP) is the first professional Arabic program offering advanced teaching and training for the IP practitioner. It provides professionals and students with a comprehensive program covering many aspects of IP, including trademarks, unfair competition, copyrights, and patents of inventions. It aims at providing an easier understanding of modern principles that govern IP access to knowledge and international developments to enable practitioners to provide services in line with world standards. Currently, the ACIPP program provides the only certification of its kind in the region.

An Intellectual Property (IP) certificate that develops professionals in all major topics of IP has become more valuable in the work force. Due to the rapid growth and need of IP profession globally, today’s market in the Arab region requires professionals equipped with enough knowledge in the IP field. The global market requires innovative new ideas and products to increase global productivity and profit. Therefore, the market in the Arab region requires more ideas, products, and other matters of IP to develop it proactively and effectively.
Hence, training programs provided by ASIP, such as the ACIPP program, will increase IP awareness and promote the overall progress of society. The Arab market will grow as new innovative ideas and products are developed, which give the IP field an essentially crucial role in today’s society. The ACIPP program is designed to provide the necessary training and develop the IP profession.