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Arab Certified Intellectual Property Practitioner

The Arab Certified Intellectual Property Practitioner Program “ACIPP”
The Program:
Through a combination of teaching and training tools, which include real work experience, the ACIPP Program is designed to give participants a solid base and real understanding of IP principles, tools and their applications.  The program focuses on the four main IP disciplines with an option for advanced learning of other selected IP subjects, as well as practical legal and business skills and systems. The course is to be presented in cooperation with Talal Abu-Ghazaleh College of Business-German-Jordanian University.
Note that a job will be offered at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global to all holders of the ACIPP Certificate.
The Courses:
The ACIPP program consists of four Modules and advanced courses each in a major discipline of the IP field.   
Module One: Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP)
Module Two: Trademarks and Unfair Competition 
Module Three: Copyrights and Related Rights 
Module Four: Patents of Inventions and Trade Secrets 
Each Module’s course duration ranges from 40-60 study hours.
Advanced Courses are at least 36 study hours, or 4-6 weeks, and addressing in depth subjects and issues not covered by the Modules.
Who Should Apply to the Program?
Professionals of the IP or related field, including IP rights holders and professionals who manage IP portfolios.
Attorneys and advanced paralegals seeking greater knowledge of IP.
Students of Law and IP seeking to expand their knowledge on IP.
Individuals working in the business and management field.
Government employees.
Professionals of a scientific background, such as engineers, and scientists, who specialize in creating IP-protected products. 
Examination and Certificate Requirements
Upon completion of each Module course, an attendance certificate will be issued to each participant.  This attendance certificate is granted separately from the certificate granted after passing the exam held at the end of each Module course. 
After successfully passing each ACIPP Module course, a student is granted one of the ACIPP certificate(s):
Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP)
Certified Arab Trademark Practitioner (TMACP)
Certified Arab Copyright Practitioner (CPACP)
Certified Arab Patent Practitioner (PACP)
The ACIPP Certificate
In order for an individual to obtain the Arab Certified Intellectual Property Practitioner Certificate, they must complete and successfully pass the examinations of Modules Two, Three, and Four.  The first Module is merely an introduction for individuals with no knowledge or experience in IP, and is not required for the obtaining the ACIPP certificate.
Note that candidates may sit for the examination without attending the ACIPP course.  
Enrollment Requirements
Individuals wishing to take a course of the ACIPP program must hold a university degree (Diploma or Bachelors) to register for any of the four Modules or advanced course.
The Arab Society for Intellectual Property
P.O.BOX: 921100 Amman 11192 Jordan
Phone: (962-6)5100900
Fax: (962-6)5100901
E-mail: info@aspip.org