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Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits:

1. For Members

1/1 International Recognition
The Arab Society for Intellectual Property is on the list of non-governmental organizations with a consultative status in the UN Economic and Social Council, in addition to being an observer member in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

1/2 Support and Ethical Protection
Joining a professional society which is internationally recognized and abiding by all its professional requirements will improve the professional position of the practicing members.

1/3 Research and Studies
ASIP’s technical research program at both the Arab and international level offers members the opportunity to participate in and benefit from it. ASIP also provides members with its monthly bulletin which gives members the opportunity to publish their opinions and ideas.

1/4 Upgrading the Profession
The intellectual property profession can be upgraded through the Society’s bulletins and its constructive social campaigns.

1/5 Association with Governmental Parties
There is no doubt that the governmental institutions prefer dealing with organizations rather than with individuals, in particular with respect to the issues of developing and proposing laws and regulations, and exchanging expertise in the field of intellectual property and other fields related to the economic development and the practicing of the profession.

1/6 Cooperation with Other Societies and Institutions
In its capacity as a professional body, ASIP will cooperate with Arab universities and higher education institutions to hold training courses, and assist members in completing their professional studies or research. ASIP will also cooperate with other professional organizations and participate in academic courses and professional research.

2. For Students

2/1 Training Programs
ASIP will prepare training programs, taught by specialized professionals, for the working staff in the public and private sector, universities and scientific institutions. These programs will provide the beneficiaries with the appropriate professional atmosphere which will assist them in improving their professional efficiency.

2/2 Professional Publications
Students can obtain professional publications, studies and research (in particular ASIP’s Bulletin which includes articles in Arabic on activities and developments in the field), which are of importance to the public and the professionals.

2/3 Belonging to the Profession
Belonging to the intellectual property profession means committing to the development of the Arab World in general, and to benefit from the ethical and technical support the society provides in particular.

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