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Our accomplishments

ASIP, representing a wide base of Intellectual Property practitioners in the Arab world, participated in establishing the principles of Intellectual Property through its participation in the international events where it strived to present the views of its members to the decision makers at both the Arab and global levels. This work clearly reflected the role of the Society in drafting and suggesting amendments of the laws of Intellectual Property so that they could be adopted by most of the countries of the Arab region.

Among the Society’s accomplishments are the following:

• Enhancing and developing the IP system by promoting awareness and education.

• Finding effective strategies to support and advance the procedures of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) protection at the regional and international levels.

• Marketing the Society effectively, thereby increasing its membership.

• Obtaining the necessary financial support from regional and international sources to help fulfill the Society's goals.

• Developing the Society's website which reflects the Society's significant role and assists in marketing the Society.

• Promoting awareness of IP protection and its importance both regionally and internationally by developing the profession and increasing its activities through continual training.

• Developing the ACIPP program to increase the number of specialists in this field in the Arab nations.

• Cooperating with various Arab universities and professional entities specialized in IP to hold seminars and conferences in the area.

• Preparing a library dedicated to IP, in collaboration with the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh College of Business.

• Encouraging the protection of the Intellectual Property Rights of artists, actors, singers, composers, authors and others through education and awareness.

• Supporting and developing IPRs in the pharmaceutical industry and bio-technology field.

• Explaining the role of geographical indications at the international level and developing policies related to the protection of these indications.

• Developing and supporting policies relating to IPRs in the realm of the Internet, which includes domain names and their administration.

• Developing and supporting policies to impose and implement protection against forgery and trademark counterfeiting, and taking the necessary means to enhance governmental procedures in this regard.