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Short -Term Courses

ASIP provides public ground-breaking educational resources and programs in various Intellectual Property fields with a special focus on the newly emerging topics and their relevance to law and business. It also provides short-term training courses on IP with duration lasting between 2 days and a week. These training courses come in the form of workshops and other customized training courses to meet the needs of the target audience. They are taught by leading professionals in the field of IP and representatives from local universities and ministries, such as the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

We have a full range list of courses and lectures provided in the following fields:

1- Intellectual Property: concepts and applications

2- Intellectual Property and its role in supporting and prompting development

3- Intellectual Property: protection and marketing strategies for international companies

4- Patents and trade secrets: legal framework

5- Patent drafting

6- Trademarks and geographical indications

7- Industrial designs and models

8- Copyrights and related rights

9- Protection of Intellectual Property in cyberspace

10- Intellectual Property and E-commerce

11- Domain names and their relevance to trademarks

12- Enforcement and litigation of Intellectual Property rights

13- The agreement on trade-related aspects of Intellectual Property rights (TRIPS)

14- Paris convention for the protection of industrial property

15- Berne convention for the protection for literary and artistic works

16- Madrid system for the international registration of trademarks

17- Patent cooperation treaty for the international registration of patents

18- Alternative dispute resolution of Intellectual Property

19- Intellectual Property portfolio management

20- Intellectual asset management

21- Intellectual Property audit

22- Intellectual Property valuation

23- The role of unfair competition in Intellectual Property protection

24- Basics of licensing and technology transfer

25- Computer software licensing

26- Intellectual Property and technology

27- Management of licensing agreements

28- Intellectual Property licensing: legal and financial frameworks

29- Technology transfer and acquisition

30- Franchising: a business tool for the growth of SME's

These listed short-term courses and others will offer participants the knowledge needed to understand Intellectual Property in general and possibly spark interest in studying more in-depth and advanced topics. Throughout the years, ASIP has gained experience in developing programs to meet the needs of the target audience and clients. The fees for these short-term courses vary depending on a course’s duration, materials, and experts providing the lectures.