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Teaching and training Committee

The Teaching and Training Committee is in charge of managing and supervising ASIP's activities in the area of capacity building, awareness and education, including related training courses, seminars, workshops, etc.

Committee Members:

  • Dr. Abdullah Al-Khashroom, Associate Professor of Commercial Law, College of Law, Mu’tah University (Chairman)
  • Judge Nihad Al-Husban, Chief Judge of the First Instant Court (Member)
  • Mr. Tawfiq Tabbaa, Former WIPO Program Officer in the Arab Bureau of WIPO, Attorney and Legal Consultant in private practice specializing in Intellectual Property in Amman, Jordan (Member)
  • Dr. Basem Melhem, Assistant Professor of Commercial Law, Jordan University (Member)
  • Mr. Mu'tasem Dmour, (Member)
  • Ms. Hasiba Shaban, Manager of ASIP (Member)