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Why You Should Join ASIP

Why should you join the Society?


Equipping the Arab world with the knowledge to match advanced countries

o ASIP encourages Arab creativity and innovation in an economically developing world. It works to develop the IP system in the Arab world by using appropriate means to enhance awareness and knowledge in this domain, and clarify its influential role in the context of globalization.

o Programs organized by ASIP and co-sponsors facilitate sharing of information on all aspects of IP, attracting participants from the Arab region and globally.

Past programs include:

o The First Geographical Indications Symposium held in Abu Dhabi (April 2005).

o “Contemporary Issues in Trademarks” Seminar co-sponsored by Jordan University (February 2005).


o Helping professionals keep pace with international developments

ASIP promotes continuing professional development and associations through conferences and programs. ASIP prepares training programs for trainees who work in the public and private sectors, universities, and scientific institutes. These programs, prepared by IP experts, provide enabling environment for the participants to improve their professional efficiency.

The Arab Certified Intellectual Property Practitioner (ACIPP) Program was created on the basis of our firm belief that Intellectual Property protection depends on the efforts of experts, registrars of trademarks, engineers, scientists, and lawyers working to provide consultancy services, trademarks and patents registration services and legal services, such as litigation and arbitration, in addition to managing legal rights related to Intellectual Property. This qualification program, designed to encourage the development of the IP profession and a distinctive Arab intellectual property system, is one of many initiatives undertaken by ASIP. The four topics covered in the Program and at examinations include:

 Module 1: Introduction to Intellectual Property

 Module 2: Trademarks and Unfair Competition

 Module 3: Patents of Invention and Trade Secrets

 Module 4: Copyrights and Related Rights

o ASIP’s working committees organize and present programs on topics of IP through conferences, seminars, and symposiums.

o ASIP hosts a monthly round table on current topics of Intellectual Property.


A leader in the distribution of IP information and building knowledge

o Visit www.aspip.org for access to the latest programs, current events, and the most updated regional and international laws and treaties on Intellectual Property.

o Updates on ASIP’s activities and IP development from the Society’s monthly bulletin. (Suspended now, and will be activated soon)

ASIP continuously provides IP practitioners and interested parties with information regarding the latest developments in the IP field, changes in regional and international laws, current events in IP, and programs provided by the Society.


At the forefront of international developments

ASIP works to enforce and develop IP laws on an international scale. ASIP is working in partnership with several international organizations. It has a consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and an observer status with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). ASIP holds membership in the Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC) of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Members are able to participate in international IP activities by networking with professionals worldwide. ASIP events and programs are often co-sponsored by global organizations.

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